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One of The Leaders In Slipform Constructions

What is demanded in the field of construction today is quality. The specifications for public works are high, while the demands in private projects are even greater.

EVOX S.A. merits the living testimony of the projects it has undertaken all around Greece, projects which testify and certify EVOX SA’s credibility and reliability, for sound, proper and timely construction for every work undertaken.

The founders of EVOX SA are engaged in sliding works since 1963. In 1970 they purchased the exclusive rights of the AHL and Co Cologne Germany slipform shuttering system and EVOX S.A. Slipform Industry and Construction company, was established in 1975.


Evox has wide experience in many fields of the construction industry

  • The company possesses long-term experience in the design, construction and performance of slipform works for silo constructions, chimneys, towers including staircases, bridge pillars and gantry slipforms systems manly for caissons.
  • Slipform technicians are available to deal with special conditions under any sliding conditions. EVOX is also able to provide specialized personnel for reinforcement fixing and the laying of the concrete, if requested. The team consists of many engineers as well as other scientists with many years of experience.
  • EVOX provides efficient management of the site staff at the construction site, during the slipform works. Moreover, the company undertakes the designing and preparation of metal shuttering and slipform equipment, the sliding formwork as well as the assembly, slipping and dismantling of the slipform shuttering.

We are proud of our work.

Konstantinos Zikas Evox Civil Engineer

Functional Study and Design

Slipform Supply & Erection

Reinforcement Fixing & Laying (Optional)

The above services are also provided independently at the customer's request. In case EVOX SA undertakes only the manufacture of slipform shuttering, it guides the manufacturer in organizing and coordinating the remaining iron and concrete workshops so that the works can be executed in the shortest time at the lowest possible cost.



The total length of the slipform formwork is 350 meters. The slipform systems consist of 96 yokes. 76 jacks (lifting capacity 9.6 tons each) are used...

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Astakos Port

The slipform shuttering for caissons has a main floor area of about 300 m2 and a weight of about 90 tons. The construct…

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Patras Port

A gantry slipform was used at this case. The slipform for these caissons has a main working platform area of about 300 …

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Pireaus Port

In the expansion of the passenger port of Pireaus (southern zone, Plhase A) 74 Caissons will be constructed in 31 slides…

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Public Power Company in Rhodes

A 5-ton winch is mounted on the sliding type for lifting concrete and iron reinforcement. As can be seen in the above p…

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Public Power Company Chimney in Crete

The height of the chimney is 80 metres. TA 5-ton winch is mounted on the sliding type for lifting concrete and iron rei…

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