Caisson Project

A Caisson Construction
at Hercules Port, Athens Region

New evolutional slipform system

6 hours -> Mantling of the slipform system at the new base
9 hours -> Dismantling of the slipform system after the completion of the slipforming
15 hours -> Total time for dismantling and mantling at the new base
7 meters per 24 hours -> Slipforming speeds The dismantling includes the following (9h):
  • Stabilization of the slipform system
  • Extraction of the climbing rods
  • Separation of the cells and of the hydraulic system
  • Removing the parts with the use of a crane
  • Cleaning and oiling of the shuttering
The mantling includes the following (6h):
  • Placing and connecting the cells (including the suspended decks)
  • Levelling of the cells
  • Connection of the hydraulic system
  • Placement of the climbing rods
  • Testing of the slipform system before the slipforming commences
The slipforming speed in this project is 7 m per 24 hours

Mantling speed of the Slipform System

Caisson Hercules Picture 1 07:46 Caisson bases ready
Caisson Hercules Picture 2 09:49 Slipform system placed in first base (2 hours)
Caisson Hercules Picture 3 13:33 Both slipfrom systems ready for slipforming (less than 6 hours)

Slipforming speed

Caisson Hercules Picture 4 18/2 07:32 Awaiting for the concreting to commence
Caisson Hercules Picture 5 19/2 08:27 (25 hours later), more than 7 meters height

At the Hercules port 30 caissons are constructed in pairs. The total length of the slipform formwork is 350 meters. The slipform systems consist of 96 yokes. 76 jacks (lifting capacity 9.6 tons each) are used.

The slipforming is done partly on a platform and partly with the caissons anchored at sea.

Description of the system
In this project we are using the EVOX advanced system that incorporates our new methods for fast mantling and dismantling. Our company also has a big experience in gantry slipforming. Our advanced system is cheaper than the gantry slipform system and, in many cases, like in this project, it is even faster since we are completing the slipforming at sea while at the same time the caisson base is prepared for the next slipforming.

The main contractor is TEKAL S.A.

Caisson Hercules Picture 6