Caisson Project

A Caisson Construction
at Pireaus Port

In the expansion of the passenger port of Pireaus (southern zone, Plhase A) 74 Caissons will be constructed in 31 slides (2 or 3 caissons per slide). The Caissons have a height of up to 31.

The total length of the slipform formwork is 920 meters. The main working deck of the 3 Caissons is 1,750 m2. The slipform system consists of 280 jacks that have a total lifting capacity of 2.500 tons.

The total area of the walls that will be constructed by slipforming is 550,000 m2. 45,000 m2 of walls are constructed monthly.

The slipforming is done partly on a platform and partly with the caissons anchored in the Sea.

In this project we implemented our new patented systems for the disassembly and assembly of the slipform system, which allows us to achieve very short disassembly and assembly times.

The owner is P.P.A. S.A. and the main contractor is TEKAL S.A.